Listen to Kim Greenhouse interview Hank Heister regarding ingesting Zeolite, Boron and Iodine as effective means of dealing with (neutralizing or removing) radiation and toxins from the body. Click here to listen to this telling interview about zeolite.

Why do we recommend ETS Zeolite? As wellness coaches, we have tried numerous Clinoptilolite Zeolites. We prefer ETS Zeolite because of its high CEC rating and because the zeolite particles do not enter the blood stream. See more about our preference reasons.

Fukushima radiation release levels are still INCREASING many years later... and that radioactivity is affecting you:
Simulation of Radioactive Debris Heading toward the USA (click to enlarge)

You aren’t being told the truth about the extent and high level of permanent radiation you and your family are being exposed to.

See the Activist Post on radiation reaching California.

See the Youtube video that explains Fukashima’s impact on the world.

Bring your geiger counter with you to the fresh produce section of your grocery store.

ETS Zeolite Helps To Remove Radiation
and Heavy Metals
from the Body

Zeolite was used after the Chernobyl disaster - a huge amount (500,000 tons) of powdered zeolite was used in and around the Chernobyl reactors. It was used to decontaminate the reactors, people and the soil. The majority of the zeolite was used for the construction of protective barriers and for agricultural applications in polluted areas. Children were fed cookies and biscuits laden with zeolite to help remove radiation from their bodies while dairy cows were also fed zeolite to remove radiation from their milk.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite (Potassium-calcium-sodium-aluminosilicate) is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) listed by the US Government.

Zeolite is a first choice detoxifier for removing petrochemical compounds from the body, and radiation and heavy metals, pesticides and environmental toxins, of all sorts.

Don’t forget that the United States Gulf sea bord is contaminated with petroleum derivatives, especially after the Deepwater Horizon accident.

Here are a few users of zeolite in agriculture and food production:

  • Zeolite is used to detoxify contaminated lobster beds along the Atlantic seaboard and in cattle, swine, chicken and egg production where it significantly improves the health of the animals and eggs.
  • It is also used in agriculture to prevent arsenic uptake by plants and sustained release of nitrogen and trace elements.
  • Government studies show from 40% to 200% increase in farming yields when zeolite is used in fertilizer.


Everyone should stock ETS Zeolite and use it daily for helping to remove radiation from the human body, and in case the radioactive fallout from a nuclear reactor accident blows into their area or in case of (the unthinkable) a nuclear terrorist event should occur.

Also, some people routinely spend time in areas with high levels of radioactivity, hospitals.

ETS Zeolite is your best bet for minimizing radiation damage to your body. As mentioned before, zeolite is what was used in Chernobyl to clean radioactivity out of people, animals and lands.

ETS Zeolite is the single best zeolite on the market today. There are three reasons why:

  1. Highest CEC rating
    (170 meq / 100 grams) meaning that it will trap more toxins than other lesser rated zeolites
  2. Particle size is large enough that it will not enter the bloodstream and thereby create extra work for the kidneys
  3. Cost effectiveness - furnishes your body with up to 100s of times more zeolite for the same amount of money than the competition.


Zeolite is The Most Effective Use of Money In Terms of Health Benefit for Money Spent

Along with many health researchers, we have come to believe that ingesting Zeolite powder  is one of the most effective things anyone can do to improve their health. This makes sense because toxins in the body are the #1 cause of poor health. Getting toxins out of the body is what ETS Zeolite does!

If you don’t think Radiation is a significant problem, think again... radiation damages cell membranes, leading to poor cellular oxygen, leading to cancer.

There are many ways people are exposed to radiation, including all of the following:

  • Radon gas - indoor air.
  • Environmental radiation
  • Flying in airplanes
  • Medical radiation - x-rays, etc

Our ETS Zeolite furnishes MORE zeolite and more detoxifying POWER for the money than any other zeolite product.

ETS Zeolite is quite literally hundreds of times more cost effective than liquid zeolites.

Why ETS Zeolite?

ETS Zeolite is a naturally pure zeolite (95% pure Clinoptilolite) powder from our exceptionally pure zeolite mine.

This Zeolite has a very high CEC rating (cation exchange capacity) of 170 meq/100 grams, as compared to other zeolite products that range from 1 (liquid zeolites)to 120 (the best other powdered zeolite on the market).

Our ETS Zeolite is processed via FDA GMP food grade equipment and procedures.

ETS Zeolite is ground into a very fine powder, to maximally expose toxins to it’s negatively charged pores that capture toxins.

We do not grind ETS Zeolite into ultra-fine, micronized powder because we do not believe it is wise to allow zeolite powder to be small enough to enter the blood stream.

To put ETS zeolite to work in your body and begin removing toxins and making you healthier, all you do is put a teaspoon of ETS zeolite powder in a glass of water or juice and drink.

In Lieu of Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Zeolite is especially important when one cannot afford to have their dental amalgams removed by a mercury-safe dentist. In this case, we recommend as many forms of heavy metal detoxification as possible such, as infrared sauna, and increasing organic sulfur compounds (thiols) via MSM and glutathione enhancing supplements.

Safe for Continuous Use

At recommended dosing, ETS Zeolite does not leach good minerals out of the body. Therefore, ETS Zeolite can be used daily to help remove mercury released from mercury fillings.

ETSZeolite Will Not Introduce Heavy Metals Into the Body

Some people have expressed the worry that ETSZeolite may add naturally occurring heavy metals present in the zeolite ore into the human body.

This is not the case. Zeolite captures and holds tightly bound within its numerous capillaries any heavy metals it encounters. Any heavy metals in the zeolite would not be released into the body, but would be carried out of the body. And the fact that we have the highest CEC capacity on the market today speaks to the fact that ETSZeolite is the most powerful at removing toxins from the body.

More About Zeolite As A Trap for Toxins!

Zeolite traps free radicals including radioactive particles in its structure, inactivating them from causing damage, and ultimately eliminating them from the body. The many types of toxins that ETS Zeolite traps and nullifies include nitrosamines (cancer and diabetes causing agents found in processed meats) and chlorinated hydrocarbons. ETS Zeolite captures these toxins before they leave the digestive tract. It removes ammonia / nitrogen from the human intestines. Ammonia is one of the damaging wastes formed whenever we eat protein foods. Interestingly, with the substantial increase in nitrogen use in farming, vegetarians are becoming the highest risk for excessively high nitrogen/ammonia in the gut and bloodstream.  Ordinarily, the kidney and liver deal with the removal of ammonia from the body. But, when you regularly ingest zeolite, this burden is lessened because the zeolite also removes the ammonia from the blood.

Zeolite Is Able to Trap Many Types of Toxins

This trapping ability of ETS Zeolite also includes all the heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other positively charged toxins. Zeolite’s greatest attraction is for the highest volume toxin  in your body whether it be ammonia, heavy metals: lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, etc. Once it has removed the highest volume toxins from the system, which may take several weeks or more, it then begins removing pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and so forth from our body. Afterwards it acts as a natural trap of viral particles which interrupts the production of viruses. Studies appear to indicate zeolite acts as a broad-spectrum anti-viral. Zeolite then also traps pre-virus components, preventing the replication of viruses and their ability to make us sick. Because zeolite is able to take radiation out of the body, it is a must for emergency preparations for a terrorist nuclear attack and also ideal to use immediately before and after an MRI, Pet scans and X-rays.

Solution for Common Aches and Discomforts

Detoxifying the body is often the needed remedy for those many, common aches and discomforts that plague us as we get older. The reason for this is that the older we are, the more stress we have, and the more accumulated toxins we have and the more likely that our body has reached a toxic level at which it can no longer cope. These toxins enter our bodies by breathing polluted air, drinking or eating contaminated food and water, using prescription drugs and otherwise through household products like cosmetics, shampoos, nail polish, soaps, pesticides, solvents, perfumed candles, air-fresheners, etc.

Toxins that the body cannot remove quickly enough generally get deposited in our joints or in fat tissue in order to protect the rest of the body from these toxins. The result is inflamed joints and increasing amounts of fat in our body. And so getting rid of the toxins helps the body tremendously. As the toxic burden lifts, the discomforts often magically evaporate, too. Natural zeolite also contains silica which for centuries has been known to contribute to the relief of joint discomfort.

We urge everyone to learn and understand about the reality that toxins are undermining our life experience. When the toxic load is lightened there are wonderful positive changes that happen.   We invite you to see what a difference you or a loved one can experience when you lighten the toxic load on the body. There is nothing that you can do that is simpler or easier than ingesting zeolite to get the toxins out of your body. Click to read some of the experiences of others with ETS Zeolite.

A horrific study was recently released. It found 287 chemicals and other toxins in the blood of newborn babies. One of the pesticides that turned up the most was a byproduct of DDT – a pesticide banned in 1972.

They also found:

  • 76 chemicals that cause cancer in humans and animals.
  • 94 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.
  • 79 that cause birth defects or abnormal development.

So, we’re being poisoned before we take our first breath.

But it’s not just newborns. A PBS special with Bill Moyers illustrates it. In it, Moyers volunteers to have his blood and urine tested for chemical and toxic threats.

The results were not surprising. They found 84 chemicals, solvents and toxins. These residues are present in every human, regardless of where you live or what you do.

Dr. Michael McCally, who led the research team for the report concluded, “Current ‘normal’ body burdens of dioxin and several other [chemicals] in humans are at or near the range at which toxic effects occur in laboratory animals.”

The message is clear. Studies on animals show that the average person is carrying enough toxins to cause serious DNA damage.


“Natural” Clinoptilolite Zeolite - Powder

ETS Zeolite is the best way to remove heavy metals from the body! In our opinion, it is the single most effective way to remove radioactive particles from the body. ETS Zeolite also helps to removes ammonia, pesticides and other harmful chemicals from the body.

Listen to Hank explain why Zeolite deserves a place in your daily life. Three servings per day helps lower internal toxicity, for man and animals.

If you're not making a concerted effort to lower your toxicity on a daily basis, you are losing quality of life and longevity.

Please continue reading!

  • ETS Zeolite has an unmatched cation exchange capacity rating of 170 meq  per 100 grams, making it among the most powerfully cleansing clinoptilolite zeolite powders available.
  • Our high-purity Clinoptilolite Zeolite rock is crushed, triple-filtered, sized and sterilized. Except for that limited amount of processing, it is 100% in its natural form.
  • The zeolite particles are purposefully sized at the optimum diameter of 250 microns, for maximum detoxification of the body. Zeolite particles of this size will not enter the bloodstream. Instead, they perform their cleansing action via the intestinal villi.
  • ETS Zeolite removes heavy metals, pesticides, ammonia, etc., but not beneficial minerals.

Question: What is the most important factor for longevity of both cars and people?

Answer: Cleanliness of the internals!!! The most important factor for a long, useful life of a car engine or human being is keeping harmful things out of the internals. We live in a toxic world — industrial chemicals are constantly released into the air and water. Radioactive particles are frequently released into the environment, and, also, there are many harmful chemicals produced inside us (as part of our internal chemistry) that must be removed or damage occurs. The bottom line is that we must detoxify our internal bodies regularly or else our cells will accumulate DNA altering toxins that will slowly but surely destroy the body from the inside. ETS Zeolite is the best way to remove those toxins from your body.

If you can only afford one health product... it has to be ETS Zeolite!

How Can We Thrive in a Toxic World?

We live in a toxic world. Virtually everyone in the world has hundreds of toxins inside his/her body that are interfering with the correct functioning of the body’s cells —

  • Over 70,000 chemicals are dumped into the environment by industry, 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous.
  • People are being poisoned before they take a first breath! Newborn babies have been found to have as many as 287 industrial chemicals in their umbilical cords at birth — 180 of these are known to cause cancer and 217 are classified as toxic.
  • All Americans, of any age, have enough toxic chemicals inside their bodies to cause constant cell membrane and DNA damage.
  • And, it’s just getting worse... (with incidents like the BP Petrochemical disaster adding millions of tons of petrochemical toxins) and ever increasing levels of radioactive substances (made worse by Japan’s nuclear reactor radiation leak caused by the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami).

Doing nothing about the burgeoning toxicity of our modern world is not an option for anyone who cares about health because doing nothing ensures lessened vitality and healthy for you... and your children and grandchildren.

canister of zeoliteSpoonful of zeolitezeoliteremoveslltheseThe SAFEST way to remove energy and wellness sapping, DNA-altering toxins from your body is to ingest natural, powdered, clinoptilolite ETS Zeolite - which will safely remove thousands of toxins from your body.

It’s not only the safest way, but it is also the most powerful way to get toxins out of the body with its 170 meq/100g Cation Exchange Capability.




Zeolite Rock/Ore

Zeolite Powder

Zeolite Crystal Structure

Quick Facts About ETS Zeolite

  • ETS Zeolite is human grade, powdered, clinoptilolite zeolite.
  • ETS Zeolite is mined, crushed, filtered, sterilized and packaged in the U.S. in FDA approved facilities. It’s assay can be viewed here.
  • ETS Zeolite has a high CEC rating of 170 meq/100 grams.
  • ETS Zeolite’s particle size is similar to flour (250 microns). ETS Zeolite ’s particle size has been calculated for maximum cleansing power. If the particle size is made either larger or smaller than what it is, less cleansing of the body would occur (i.e. the CEC rating would go down).
  • ETS Zeolite cleans the blood very well from the intestinal villi — as blood comes into the villi to pick up food particles, the zeolite cleans the blood of toxins. ETS Zeolite will not go into the blood stream. Therefore, it is safe for virtually everyone, even those with compromised kidneys.
  • ETS Zeolite costs hundreds of times less than do liquid zeolites, per gram of actual zeolite. In fact, liquid zeolites contain less zeolite (4 grams) in a whole bottle than there is in a single teaspoon (5 grams) of our powdered zeolite.
  • ETS Zeolite is passive, that is it will not provoke toxin release as do other types of detoxification such as chelation therapy, fasting or sauna. Therefore, it is eminently safe for everyone to use in detoxifying their bodies.

More About Why Zeolite Needs to Be in Your Life?

Perfect Nutrition is Not Enough to Stay Healthy.

of the common aches and pains, memory losses, skin problems, joint paints, etc. of modern life, as well as the bigger health problems can be traced to the accumulation of toxins, that destroy us at the cellular level.

Unless you reduce the toxicity in your body you will be fighting a losing battle in trying to maintain or regain your mental acuity and physical health.

Whether one’s health issue is brain fog, irritability, chronic fatigue, depression, sleep apnea, or any of the autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases or even cancer, toxins are a certain contributor to the lessened cellular functioning throughout the body.

Zeolite has impressive scientific research behind it. Zeolite has been studied and found to have the following properties:

  • Zeolite is safe with extensive history of use in man and animals.
  • Zeolite has been used extensively to absorb and remove radioactive particles from people, animals, plants, soil and water.
  • Zeolite captures and removes heavy metals (particularly lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic), pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, and other toxins from the body. These toxins are strongly correlated with the occurrence of a wide range of diseases, including cancers and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and dementia.
  • Zeolite captures and removes ammonia and harmful nitrogen compounds (such as nitrosamines) that are produced in the body and act as free radicals.
  • Zeolite directly absorbs many types of free radicals and thus decreases free radical activity and damage to the body (animal results show dramatic increases in life span for those animals that receive zeolite as part of their daily feed).
  • Zeolite has been shown to help establish an optimal pH level.
  • Zeolite has been shown to block viral replication.
  • Zeolite has been singled out in anecdotal reports as helping to establish a sense of well-being, clarity, and happiness. (This would likely be a consequence of eliminating toxins.)
  • Zeolite has also been reported to increase energy, immune function, and general health (Again, this would be a result of removing the burden of toxic overload from the body).
  • Zeolite has also been shown to capture antigens, which cause allergies, migraines, and asthma, decreasing the rate and severity of these symptoms.

No amount of nutrition can fix a toxic body.

Zeolite Combats These Sources of Toxins in the Human Body:

  • Radioactivity
  • Mercury in dental fillings (view proof that mercury leaks from dental fillings)
  • Petrochemical products
  • Nitrogen compounds such as ammonia (produced in the body)
  • Endotoxins and Mycotoxins
  • Cadmium in cigarettes and smoggy air
  • Preservatives and pesticides in and on our food
  • Perfumes and lotions that we put on our skin
  • Air-fresheners
  • Cleaning fluids and
  • Out-gassing from carpets, Formica, pressed wood and paneling

... and the list could go on and on and on to 70,000 chemicals in the environment.

Without a toxin removal habit in your life, toxins will accumulate in one’s body until that body can no longer keep up with the toxic load... and then one’s health will fall apart at a frightening speed. This can happen even in youth. So, if your body is going down hill fast... you can be sure — TOXINs are the culprit

Mothers - Take Note - Your Baby is at Risk


If you are a nursing mother, or a woman with a baby growing inside her, we urge you to protect your baby since most toxins will pass into the fetus while inside the womb and into a nursing baby through the mother’s milk!!!

A recent study has found that newborn babies often have toxic loads at birth that exceed the toxins accumulated during an entire lifetime by previous generation adults. The reason is that many toxins pass into the fetus from the mother’s body. The toxic load on a baby as it grows in the womb and nurses combined with toxins from vaccinations is what many people believe is a cause of autism in children.

So, if you are a gestating or nursing mother, you need to get the toxins out of your body as fast as possible in a way that won’t push them into your blood stream and into your baby. That way is with zeolite.

Ingesting zeolite powder is a safe form of detoxification for mothers since zeolite powder does not break up toxin storage sites. (Breaking up a toxin storage site releases many toxins all at once.) All zeolite does is to passively capture whatever toxins are in the bloodstream. This is unlike many other detoxification methods that may actively ”open” toxin storage sites in bodily tissues and create a surge of toxins dumped precipitously into the bloodstream (which may overburden eliminatory pathways, with excess toxins going into the fetus or breast milk). Again, zeolite works passively without opening toxic storage sites. It simply captures whatever toxins are in the blood stream.

Please note this very specific advice:

  • Pregnant or nursing mothers should not do high-heat sauna or “detox diets” because these will cause toxins to be rapidly released into the bloodstream. When many toxins enter the bloodstream all at once the eliminatory systems of the body can quickly be overloaded. This results in large amounts of toxins entering into the fetus or nursing baby.

Please note that this advice goes beyond just pregnant or nursing women. Whenever, anyone undergoes a detoxification regimen that dumps toxins rapidly into the bloodstream (fasting or high-heat sauna, chelation therapy, etc.) that person would be well advised to simultaneously ingest ETS Zeolite several times each day to remove the toxins being released by that regimen before those toxins cause discomfort and damage to the body.

An Unpleasant Thought: Did you know that many Americans are so toxic that just spitting
into a toilet violates EPA laws governing toxic waste dumping in public waters?

Please note that Zeolites are widely used in water purification and in agriculture and ranching because of their ability to remove heavy metals, ammonia and other toxic substances from water, from the root systems of plants and from animals and their wastes... and from people.

How Zeolite Works

 With ETS Zeolite, the toxins "check in" but they can't "check out”.  

zeolite rockzeolite structureZeolites are volcanic rock crystals that  are uniquely endowed with the power to capture heavy metals, nitrogen compounds and other toxic materials because zeolite is comprised of a four-sided honeycomb crystal pattern of black holes or capillaries that are negatively charged. Even when ground into powder, this pattern of negatively charged holes/capillaries remains.

  1. The effect of the black hole or capillary pattern within the zeolite crystal and its negative charge is that zeolite draws heavy metals and other toxins into itself through capillary and electrical attraction and simply engulfs them, and then carries them out of the body.
  2. When zeolite powder is ingested into the human body, the zeolite then begins to capture toxins as it moves through the gastrointestinal tract. It captures toxins that are circulating in the bloodstream at the villi point of contact, essentially filtering the blood as it comes to pick up food from intestines.
  3. The zeolite particles (now loaded with toxins) hold onto the toxins that have been captured during the rest of the journey out of the body through the fecal material, leaving the person in a less toxic condition.
  4. Natural zeolite is comprised of aluminum and other metals that we generally think of as harmful and to be avoided. Inside zeolite, however, these metals are not harmful. Instead, they are vital. Not only, do they give zeolites their varying colors, but also they give zeolites their negative electrical potential, which is responsible for their toxin capturing capacity. These metals are tightly bound within the zeolite crystal and cannot transfer into the human body. In fact, if the zeolite particle encounters heavy metals, it captures them and takes them out of the human body. (See our frequently asked questions for more about this.)
  5. One thing that zeolite doesn’t do is to remove vitamins and minerals from the body. Many studies have been done to determine if zeolite removes vitamins and minerals as well as toxic materials. Thankfully, it doesn’t do this (when taken in normal doses), making zeolite the perfect detoxifer (unlike chelation therapy which removes both good and bad minerals). See our scientific studies of zeolite section.

The form of zeolite in our ETSZeolite product (there are 40 plus naturally occurring zeolites) is called "clinoptilolite". It is the type of zeolite utilized in the bulk of scientific studies because of its ability to be ground into a fine powder.

  1. Clinoptilolite Zeolite (Potassium-calcium-sodium-aluminosilicate) is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) listed by the U.S. government for its safety.
  2. Learn more about the history of zeolite.
  3. Read our frequently asked questions about zeolite.

ETS Zeolite is Huge In The Animal Husbandry Industrycows being fed zeolite

A very large share of ETS Zeolite is sold for use in the animal husbandry industry. Ranchers have found ETS Zeolite to be able to remove the smell from the animal feces by capturing the ammonium/nitrogen in the manure. As a result, the problem of flies being attracted to the manure GOES AWAY. Not only that but the animals are healthier, (dairy cows produce milk three to four times longer), have less cribbing, greater bone strength, healthier skin/coat, 15% higher growth rates and significantly increased production and longevity.

Important Note: Watching what ranchers do for the health of their animals is often a very good idea for what humans should do. Ranchers are in business to make a profit. They don’t care about marketing statements. What they do is watch their costs very carefully, and stop doing things that don’t produce more income than they cost money. That is significant because ranchers are probably the largest users of ETS Zeolite for the simple reason that ETS Zeolite increases their profits by making healthier animals.


Why ETS Zeolite Instead of Any Other Zeolite?

All clinoptilolite zeolites are useful in cleaning the internal human body, so just buy one and use it. After it’s used up, then try a different one, until you find the one you like the best.

Zeolite product choices are complicated by the fact that many Zeolite sellers engage in tactics similar to politicians... bashing and condemning other zeolites, attempting to scare people away from all other zeolites... except their own. We don’t do that. Which zeolite one takes is not nearly as important as consuming a zeolite daily (whichever one you choose). (An exception is that persons with kidney issues probably should avoid micronized zeolite which can enter the bloodstream. Why put the kidneys at risk?)

That said, we do suggest some helpful criteria that can help you get the very most amount of zeolite benefit for your money. Here is our list of criteria:

  1. We choose powdered zeolite over liquid for the simple reason that you get hundreds of times more zeolite for each dollar spent. There is simply and irrefutably less zeolite in an entire bottle of liquid zeolite than in a teaspoon of zeolite powder. Virtually all studies showing the efficacy and safety of zeolite have used ordinary powdered zeolite. In spite of the economics of this choice, you should know that liquid zeolites do detoxify the body. And, if you like the liquid format, and don’t mind spending hundreds of times more money, then liquid is a fine choice.
  2. We prefer a naturally pure zeolite to a highly processed zeolite. We believe the natural zeolite works best.
  3. We want a zeolite powder where the particle size is large enough that it won’t pass into the bloodstream (and cause the kidneys extra work to filter the zeolite back out of the blood). We also want a particle size that is small enough to give its maximum possible surface area. This really means the highest CEC rating. See #4 below.
  4. We also want a zeolite that has a very high Cation Exchange Capacity (measure of how well the zeolite cage structure pulls toxins into itself). The higher the CEC rating the more cleaning power a zeolite has. Our research has led us to choose ETS Zeolite because ETS Zeolite has the highest CEC (cation exchange capacity or toxin capturing power) of any zeolite. It also has the recommendation of ranchers who have evaluated zeolites for the relative cost to benefit ratio and prefer this zeolite over all others. If an ultra-cleaned, activated zeolite were better it would have a higher CEC rating. Since they don’t have higher CEC ratings they are less effective, not more effective.
  5. Things We Don’t Want and/or Don’t Care About in Regard to Zeolites

  6. We don’t want micronized zeolite because we don’t want the zeolite to be able to go into the blood stream. Some companies state that zeolite should be made small (micronized) so that it can enter into the bloodstream or cross the blood brain barrier. Our position in this regard is that zeolite does not need to enter the blood stream to work.

    Blood circulates constantly in the body through the heart, lungs and intestinal villi. In the intestinal villi, zeolite captures toxins that circulate in the blood. We believe this is where zeolite should work, without being allowed to circulate in the blood, itself. Why put the kidneys and liver at risk? Those organs will just have to filter the zeolite out of the blood. Zeolite should work inside the small and large intestines, NOT in the blood.
  7. We don’t care about the color of a zeolite. Even white is a color - and color simply indicates the presence of minerals/metals that are tightly bound within in the zeolite crystal. These are essential because they give zeolite its negative charge.

    Zeolites come in many colors. The differing minerals in zeolite deposits cause the colors to be different. Pure clinoptilolite zeolite (which doesn’t occur naturally) is translucent, like glass. The majority of zeolites are gray or brown in color. Our zeolite is pale green (the result of particular tightly bound minerals — see its assay and the colors those minerals reflect). These minerals will never go into the body because they are bound in the zeolite structure.

    Those people who think that the metals in zeolite can go into the body don’t understand zeolite. The minerals that give each zeolite its unique color do not come out of the zeolite as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.

    If they did, zeolite would be dangerous due to its aluminum content. All clinoptilolite zeolites contain a large amount of aluminum. Clinoptilolite’s scientific name is Potassium-calcium-sodium-aluminosilicate. But clinoptilolite zeolite does not put aluminum into the body. Instead, it takes captures any aluminum encountered and takes it out of the body. Zeolite is the best way to detoxify the body of aluminum. Zeolite captures heavy metals... it does not release heavy metals.
  8. We are opposed to extensive cleaning of zeolite, preferring use of naturally pure zeolite.

    Some companies state that zeolite has to be cleaned before using it inside the human body. This is marketing hype, not reality. If a clean zeolite were truly more capable of capturing toxins than a non-cleaned zeolite, it would have a higher CEC rating.

    Our position is that natural zeolite works great and is perhaps ”healthier” than “cleaned” engineered zeolite for the following reasons:
    • Efforts to clean zeolite can install “cleaning” compounds into the zeolite cage.
    • The efforts to clean zeolite may reduce the toxin capturing power of the zeolite by damaging some of the negative electric potential points inside the zeolite cage.

    So there is simply no need to talk about a cleaning process. The end of the discussion is the CEC rating.

Our bottom line is to buy a zeolite with a Cation Exchange Capacity above 100 and one
that has not been micronized.

See the technical specifications of our ETS Zeolite.

So, if you wanted to reduce the criteria for smartest zeolite buying down to one simple comparison to be made, we suggest CEC rating, or power to remove toxins. The Highest CEC Rated Zeolite is ETS Zeolite. That’s why we we have chosen this particular zeolite for both our own personal use and to share with others.

The cation exchange capacity of ETSZeolite is 170 meq/100 grams (measured as captured ammonium). (MEQ = milliequivalents of exchangeable cation.) Other powdered zeolite products have CEC ratings between 80 to 120 meq/100 grams; but, tests of liquid zeolites show they have CEC rating of less than 1 MEQ/100 grams (200 to 300 times less capacity than ETS Zeolite).

ETS Zeolite Compared To Liquid Zeolitebig spoonful_of_zeolite

Each teaspoonful serving of ETSZeolite contains 5 full grams of 95% pure clinoptilolite zeolite powder.

When comparing our zeolite with popular, very underpowered liquid zeolites, you should know that it takes an entire bottle of liquid zeolite to equal the amount of zeolite in half a teaspoon of ETS powdered zeolite. In other words, a whole bottle of liquid zeolite is only 2.5 grams of zeolite. So, a choice for liquid zeolite is a choice to pay up to hundreds of times more money for zeolite.

With that said, even if a person does overspend by buying a very low-powered liquid zeolite supplement, health benefits can still be achieved. To verify this, just go to Google and see all the positive user experiences for all types of zeolite, whether liquid or powder. But at the same time, note that almost all zeolite research has been done with powdered and not liquid zeolite, for the simple reason that liquid zeolite products contain such small [or miniscule?] amounts of zeolite that scientists would have needed extremely large and cumbersome quantities for their research.

What Liquid Zeolite Sellers Say:

  1. Sellers of some zeolites say that unless the zeolite cage (lattice) is cleaned or emptied, the zeolite cage will have “no capability” to capture more toxins. If that were true, then “cleaned” zeolite would have a higher CEC rating than non-cleaned zeolite, because it would be more effective at cleaning toxins. But, the facts don’t support this premise. Liquid zeolite is rated at hundreds of times less toxin cleaning power than our powdered zeolite.
  2. Sellers of liquid zeolites say that zeolite must be micronized because it works best in the bloodstream and only tiny zeolite particles can get through the intestines into the blood. We think that engineering zeolite so it will go into the bloodstream is risky. Why allow something foreign into the bloodstream, where it will create extra work for the kidneys and liver? The cleaning process works just fine from the villi. It may not matter for people with healthy kidneys and liver, but, it’s still a risk.
  3. Finally, sellers of liquid zeolites say that uncleaned zeolite may introduce toxins into the body. Zeolite powder does not introduce toxins into the body. Zeolites attract and take toxins out of the body.

Zeolite has a long history of safe use. It’s GRAS listed, just the way it comes from mother earth.

Despite all of the above emphasis on why we believe it’s better for zeolite to not enter the bloodstream, our bodies are designed to handle impurities in food and water, etc., our main point is that ETS zeolite can clean the blood for less money than liquid zeolite... much less money... 200 times less money.

ETSZeolite is Natural, Pure and Powerful

ETS Zeolite is a pure, potent zeolite — in fact, to our knowledge it is the most naturally pure and most potent zeolite product on the market. It has a 95% to 98% clinoptilolite content (many others are only 65%), which is probably why they find it necessary to try to “clean it up”. Our product is ground to a very fine particle grind, but not so fine that it could enter the bloodstream and not so fine that some of the points of negative charge within the cage are damaged. No zeolite has a higher CEC rating than ETS Zeolite.

We have naturopathic doctor feedback expressing that ETS Zeolite is removing contaminants better than any other zeolite they have ever used.

The daily ingesting of ETS Zeolite is a powerful lifestyle defense against toxins. It is one of the best choices anyone can make in regard to safeguarding his/her body from the thousands of toxins circulating in our modern air, water and food. Truly, relieving the body of toxic burden is one of the best medicines your body can get.

Better Than Chelation Therapy

With zeolite, your body will feel better in many ways. And, unlike what happens with chelation therapy and sweating (which are also great for detoxifying the body), the use of zeolite does not deplete the body of your good minerals or vitamins. Numerous tests have shown that zeolite will not lower the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body. Therefore, it is safe for continuous use. Because of its safety and effectiveness at removing toxins, which contribute to virtually every disease of the body, ingesting powdered zeolite is a wise choice for anyone interested in wellness.

Also, take a look at the information showing the history of zeolite and main industries that use ETS zeolite.

ets_zeolite_canister_133Our Zeolite is One of the Lowest Priced Wellness Aids Money Can Buy

Our zeolite costs only $49.95 for a 101 serving, 507 gram canister.That is less than 10 cents per gram.  Save even more by buying two canisters. ETS Zeolite also has the highest Cation Exchange Capacity (that’s proof that it does more cleansing than any other zeolite product). So, you pay less and get more actual detoxification of your body than with any other zeolite on the market. Please read our zeolite blog to see the numerous anecdotal experiences where zeolite has made a pivotal difference in one’s well-being and freedom from the common discomforts of modern day life.

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