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Beneficial Properties of Zeolite in Regards to Human Consumption

Zeolites are natural porous alumo-silicates which have a crystalline structure and include almost all the chemical elements found in the body. Clinoptilolite is the most important member of the 40 plus zeolites in the zeolite group. Its approximate empirical formula is(Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Na)3-6Si30Al6O72.24H2O. Typical mineralogical composition of ETS Zeolite is 95% Clinoptilolite, minor amounts of feldspar and smectite.

The reason zeolites are now attracting so much interest lies in their strict crystalline structure with minute channels running in different directions which have a negative charge allowing the absorption and adsorption of heavy and radioactive metals and numerous toxins. Most toxins are positively charged, while zeolites have a negative collective charge, which allows them to act as a magnet and a sieve for such substances, attracting them into zeolites' numerous channels and removing them out of the body. This property was used during the Chernobyl disaster - a huge amount of zeolite was thrown into the reactors to decontaminate them, and was used to decontaminate both people and soil. People were given zeolite in cookies and other food to help remove radiation out of their bodies. This property is extensively used nowadays by the military forces for the same reasons.

Another very interesting property of zeolites is selective ionic exchange between the chemical elements in its structure and the environment they are in (e.g. the body of a living organism). Zeolite share almost all the elements of the Periodic Table. Thanks to their ionic exchange property, they provide the body with the elements it needs for healthy functioning, while taking out of the body what it has in abundance or simply does not need. This is what can be called an "intelligent" ionic exchange.

In Russia and the United States zeolite (clinoptilolite) is used in the production of food supplements. In some other countries (e.g. Cuba) clinoptilolite has been used to produce an anti-diarrhea medicine which is successfully used to treat dysentery and other gastrointestinal disorders, including food poisoning.

In Russia clinoptilolite has been included into a group of entero-donor-sorbents. The crystalline structure of zeolites is the only one which cannot be destroyed under any circumstances. It is what is called 'permanently living'.

One more very important factor is the catalytic property of zeolites. It means they have the potential to normalize biochemical processes in the body which cannot take place without certain micro- and macro-elements. These elements are supplied to the body by zeolites.

Natural zeolites do not get absorbed into the digestive system and cannot get into the blood circulation in their crystalline form. They pass in transit, only interacting with the body on the selective ionic exchange level when in contact with the blood and lymphatic vessels of the intestinal wall, providing micro and macro-elements, collecting toxins and acting as a catalyst in chemical reactions.

Properties of Natural Zeolite

  • Very strong "magnet" for heavy metals and toxins and radioactive substances facilitating their removal out of the body.
  • Acts as a sponge for toxins, attracting them into its numerous channels and removing them out of the body via eliminatory system.
  • Promotes detoxification processes in the liver, reducing its toxicity.
  • By removing stress causing toxins from the body, helps lower general stress levels.
  • Stress reduction, in general, helps improve nutrient, lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Stress reduction, in general, helps with reproductive function.
  • Stress reduction, in general, helps with the functioning of the Endocrine System.
  • Stress reduction, in general, helps prevent narrowing of the blood vessels and helps arterial walls to relax.
  • By removing toxic elements in gastrointestinal tract, helps improve intake of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino-acids).
  • By removing toxic elements in gastrointestinal tract, promotes regularity of bowel movements.
  • By removing toxic elements, helps eliminate joint pains.
  • By removing toxic elements, helps reduce free radical stress from the body.
  • By acting as a sorbet and cleanser for the body cells, helps establish and maintain health on the cellular level.
  • Helps to maintain healthy cell membranes, thus reducing chances of low oxygen in cells.


Clinoptilolite is normally taken twice a day. The best possible way would be to take ETS zeolite in water once in the morning and once before bed time and waiting one half hour before If medications are taken, care should be taken, since clinoptilolite can neutralize the effect of the medication. In cases of kidney problems, or pregnancy clinoptilolite is not recommended.

In cases of food poisoning, diarrhea, bacterial infections, larger doses are known to be taken by some people (1-2 tablespoons). Obviously, a hospital treatment should be sought first and foremost in any such cases.

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